"Animals for Others"
Village of San Marcos kids
Elaine with Julian Cho High School Principal Simeon Coc
NWV team relaxing!
Boiling corn for tortillas
An organic garden at The Little Flower RC Primary School
Making baskets
Baskets for sale
Armadillo for dinner!
School supply distribution by New World Villages
Mayan girls at a youth gathering
Fr. Dick Perl addresses youth at the gathering
Inside a Mayan home with Dorla Bowman.
Woman at the well
Phil, Kurt, Elaine, Mal, and Fr. Dick Perl visiting village of Jalacte to deliver school supplies.
Basilio Ico and family. Mayan foreman of the San Pedro Columbia library build.
2010 Belize volunteer team with Jackie Collins SSI Director
Mal clowning with students at Maude Williams school after computer lab build. Belize City
Phil takes a break!
Tommy Westby, Punta Gorda, NWV friend.
Pig Hotel success!
Elaine with Mayan grammar school kids!

Kurt after a hard day!
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